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» Q: What is the name of our Admin/Owner?

A: The name of the Admin/Owner is "Gucci".
» Q: How can I contact admin here?

A: You can contact admin by sending email at [email protected] or simply go to our forum and send PM/VM to our Admins profile.
» Q: What is the maximum stats?

A: The maximum stats is 32,767.
» Q: Why did my HP/Mana become so low? Before I had more than 60,000?

A: It's a visual bug from the game.
You actually got 64K HP + the amount of HP you see on the bar.
You can also party someone and press "P" to see your real HP.
For the Mana you actually got 64K Mana + the amount of Mana you see on the bar.
If you try to remove your items, that have "Mana" option maybe you will see 64K.
If your Mana is very low and you can not use your skills, please contact Admin at [email protected]
» Q: How can I be Blade Master/Grand Master/High Elf/Duel Master/Lord Emperor?

A: You need to finish the Marlon quest first, and after this you can proceed the third quest.
Read this Guide for 3rd Quest: CLICK HERE
» Q: How can I get credits for web shop?

A: There are many methods of acquiring credits. This are the following:
Vote for Credits - get free credits via voting in your Control Panel.
Via PayPal
Via Western Union
Via Money Gram
Click HERE for more information.
» Q: What happened to the server? I am always disconnecting.

A: Just be patient in waiting. Probably the servers shutdown without knowing of the Admins. The server also may be down for maintenance.
» Q: Can I transfer credits from one account to another account?

A: No, you can't.
» Q: Can I transfer my account on other servers in this server?

A: No, you can't. Only stats is allowed to be transferred in Last MU.
» Q: I lost my items due to vault bug/server failure, can I get a refund?

A: Items lost due to vault bug/server failure is the only acceptable reason for refund, as long as the lost item(s) came from your web shop. If the item(s) that was lost is not from your web shop, then don't expect that you will be refunded.
» Q: I lost my items due to scams/hacks, can I get a refund?

A: No, you cant. Your obliged to take care of your item/account. So beware of pretenders/copiers that they are part of the Last MU Staff Team. Admins/Game Masters/Staff members won't ask your items/account & password.
» Q: I lost my account, can you help me to get back my account?

A: No, possibilities are, you shared your account with others players. Try to go to our main website and go to Lost Password panel. If you are the real owner, you can supply the needed information's to gain back your account.
» Q: Can I be a GM here?

A: Everyone has a chance to become GM here, as long as you are capable of doing the Duties and Responsibilities of a GM. If Admins need new GM's, they will announce and open a GM Application Thread in our forum.
» Q: Can I be a Support here?

A: Same as GM Ranks, everyone has a chance to become a Support here as long as you are capable of the Duties and Responsibilities of a Support. If Admins need new Support, they will announce and open a Support Application Thread in our forum.
» Q: I donated credits via SMS but I did not receive it?

A: Donation of credits via SMS will be added in 1 minute after sending your SMS. Maybe you typed incorrectly the information's. The Admins is not responsible for incorrectly sent donation of credits via SMS.
» Q: How can I donate God Like Items?

A: You can donate God Like Items via PayPal, Western Union and Money Gram. Check for more info's on donating at on how to donate and the processes to be followed.
» Q: Why I can't log-in my account?

A: Maybe you got banned/hacked. If you got hacked, go to our main website and click Lost Password Panel. If you got banned, check the banned list of our admins or in Player Report Section.
» Q: Why my account has been banned in game/forum?

A: It's because you violated the rules in game/forum. Admins/Staffs do not ban accounts without any reason.
» Q: Why my online hours exchange is not working?

A: Probably it was bug. Contact our admin at [email protected] or post your problem in our Problem Section at our forum.
» Q: I was teleported to a map and i was stuck, i cant move. What should i do?

A: Exit the game and log in into your account in the website. Select Unstuck Character function and move your character to Lorencia.
» Q: My item(s) got duped. What should i do?

A: If your item(s) came from donation or from web shop, contact our Admin at [email protected]
If not from web shop, use our Control Panel "Clear Inventory" option.
Note: Move your needed/useful items in vault before you press the "Clear Inventory" option. Admins is not liable if you accidentally clear your inventory with your needed/useful item(s) on it.
» Q: My skills are not working. What should i do?

A: Use the Control Panel in our website and click the "Clear Skill" option.
» Q: Someone is attacking or using skills in towns. Is it allowed?

A: No, it is not allowed. Please take an SS and report him/her in our forum in the Report Player Section. It is punishable.


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