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Weekly Top Voters


I am here to give you extra motivation to vote everyday!
I bring you, the Last MU Weekly Voter Event!

At the end of each week, the top 5 voters in Weekly Voters Ranking will be rewarded!

1: 500 credits
2. 400 credits
3. 300 credits.
4. 200 credits
5. 100 credits.

You can check Voters & Weekly Voters ranking here:

Reward is automatically added to your balance at the end of the week.

* Voting from multiple account will get your main account banned permanently. *

Thank you,
Last MU Team

Last MU

Referral System



You can now use our referral system.

You need to have at least 1 reset to use refferal system.


If your referred player reach 50 resets, you will receive 1500 credits.

Invite as many friends as you can and become rich ;)



Thank you,

Last MU Team

Last MU

Server is officially open!


The server is officially open and online.
Please download the client and register your account.

Please report any bug you find.

* Web Shop will be available soon *
* Events soon! *

Official Server Information:
Version: Season 6 Episode 3
Exp: 5000x
Drop: 80%
BlessBug : Off
Max level: 400
Master Level: 150
Max stats: 32767

Jewel of Soul and Jewel of Life removed from shops (drops from monsters, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle and other events.)

- Vote reward system
- Referral system
- Web Shop
- Grand Reset (100 resets = 3000 credits)

- Castle Siege 
- Blood Castle 
- Golden Invasion 
- Devil Square 
- Chaos Castle 
- Blue Event 
- CryWolf Defense 
- Sky Event 
- Illusion Temple 
- Events from Game Masters

Thank you,
Last MU Team
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